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Thursday, March 24, 2016

So After a long vacation I'm gonna tell you about something interesting. When I started this blog, I had many difficulties to get traffic to this site. After I made 100 visitors-a-day I bought myself a custom domain. So even after I bought it, I had same problems with promoting the site but not that much. But unfortunately because of my studies, I forgot to maintain the site and the domain. So the domain expired few moths ago and I got a mail from godaddy saying that if I want to buy the domain again, I should pay $67!!!! I was like "man wtf???" The meaning was the mail was that the value of my domain has become $67 from $2.99! So I just stopped my other work and dug deep. I learned everything about SEO and stuff like that and now I'm here with a great deal of knowledge on SEO.
So if you're having the same traffic, promoting issues like me, don't worry because I'm here to help you with my knowledge. Just go to the fb page shown in the sidebar and just message me and I'll solve all of your problems....


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